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Advanced Programming Concepts. Advanced software development with an object-oriented focus. Design, implementation, and testing of several large programs in a Java and Linux environment using current technologies.

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1 Two strings S1 and S2 can be concatenated to form string S3. If certain characters of the first part of S2 matches with those characters in the last part of S1, they can be merged to occur only once. Given S1 and S2 as the input, the program must print the minimum possible length of S3. C, CPP, Python
2 Expand Alphabets<br> A string S is passed as input. S will contain multiple integer values followed by an alphabet. The program must expand the alphabets based on the previous integer value. C, CPP, Python
3 Vertical ZigZag Pattern<br> The Program should need to read the input as Number and it should need print the output in desired order C, CPP, Python
4 A string S is passed as the input with numbers embedded in it. The program must print the sum of all three digit numbers embedded in the string. The program must print 0 (zero) if no three digit numbers are embedded in the string. C, CPP, Python
5 Mr. James Bond is working network engineer at one of the leading cellular company. He is worried about the hacking of different messages of very important persons so for that he decided to encrypt the incoming messages to the device. <br> The message contains only uppercase characters and it does contain white spaces. C, CPP, Python
6 In Manchester united city is decided to organise the football match at Wembley Stadium. As per the studium rules the team flags has to be placed in two sides so now the players are coming from one door one by one. The player need to stand accroding to jersey numbers(means the numbers on jersey). From any point if the referal has seen the numbers should be in proper order. C, CPP, Python
7 The program must accept three integers X, Y and Z, where Y is the largest number. The program must print the integers from the smallest integer to the second smallest integer and from Y to the second smallest integer as the output. Boundary Condition(s):1 <= X, Y, Z <= 999 C, CPP, Python
8 The Program should need to read the input as String where this input contains even white spaces as well. The program should need to print the articles in the string.<br> Note:- All the characters in the given string should be in only lower case characters.<br> Boundary Condition(s):<br> 1 <= S <= 1000 C, CPP, Python